TV Eye (Ridgewood, NY)
Friday. 17 June 2022

The Aussie BBQ (Central Park, Manhattan, NYC)
Saturday. 18 June 2022

The Cambridge Hotel (Newcastle, NSW)
Thursday. 7 July 2022

Drifters Wharf (Gosford, NSW)
Friday. 8 July 2022

SPRING LOADED FESTIVAL – Adelaide Entertainment Centre Arena
Saturday. 13 August 2022

San Fran (Wellington, NZ)
Thursday. 15 September 2022

Galatos (Auckland, NZ)
Friday. 16 September 2022

Sawmill Cafe (Leigh, NZ)
Saturday. 17 September 2022


More than 30 years into their career, You Am I have delivered one of their best records to date with album #11 … Maybe it’s the sense of resilience that flows through the songs, or maybe it’s the lack of external pressures that helps the record shine, but the songs feature some of the finest lyrics ever penned by Rodgers, some of the strongest guitar work, and feature the group’s rhythm section in their most powerful form to date.

4 Stars
Tyler Jenke, Rolling Stone

As with all the best You Am I records, this one succeeds first as a spontaneous series of catchy triumphs before lingering on a subtler level thanks to distinctive lyrical and musical nuances that couldn’t have come from any other band.

4 Stars
Doug Wallen, The Australian

On their 11th studio album, The Lives Of Others, the ’90s legends manage the fine balancing act of delivering everything You Am I fans love – crunching guitars, ’60s – inspired melodies and Rogers’ visual wordplay – combined with minor deviations in style … The question to be posed is whether The Lives Of Others is the best YAI album since their glory days? The answer – it could well be.

Joshua Leeson,
Newcastle Herald

This album is top-shelf You Am I, worthy of a spot alongside Hi Fi Way, Hourly Dailyand #4 Record – the mid-90’s trilogy that made them the first Australian band to score three consecutive ARIA No. 1 albums.

Simon Collins, The West Australian